Top 5 things to buy from a thrift shop

Musty, ill lit, full of old goods and manned by thickly spectacled ageless old men. Those are images of a thrift shop which pop up in our mind. However, a thrift shop offers unimaginable treasures at unheard prices. Whether you are strolling down a street in Manhattan or London, you will chance upon a thrift shop. For a thrift shop, you need patience, time on your hands and an eye to discover unusual attractive pieces. You should know what to buy at a thrift store. It offers you good bargains and if you are lucky, you can further lower the prices.  These quaint shops are covered with second hand knickknacks in eclectic colours. The smell may deter you a bit but gather your courage and ignore it.  Do up your home with an assortment of goods from these shops. You can stumble upon eighteenth century porcelain, classic old records to designer wears at these shops. Good stuff gets sold out fast; regular trips are recommended.

 What to Buy From  A Thrift Store

Outfits on sale: These second hand stores offer clothes to fit different sizes at reasonable prices. Specific thrift shops have celebrity hand me downs on display which are sold with the aim of helping charities. You can be lucky enough to find a classy dress, a suit or an old pair of jeans. Clothes may be outdated and a size big or small; and may require altering. Expect a button missing or a seam torn when you pick up a garment. A wash or dry cleaning will get these clothes ready to be worn. Thrift shops are great places to look for costumes for plays.

Interior designer’s delight: If you are doing up your home on a shoe string budget, visit thrift shops to get a range of stuff. You will find old curtains, upholstery, bed linen, odd pieces of furniture to place around your house. You may discover paintings hidden in junk. A Chinese laughing Buddha or a grandfather’s clock, who knows what you will discover here. If eclectic colours are not your thing you can buy furnishings in similar or neutral colours. A thrift shop will help bring down your cost of hiring or buying furniture.

Books galore: Thrift shops have a collection of books for the book lover; though there is a possibility of missing pages. You can browse and come across forgotten popular classics or recent best sellers. Books by award winning writers or two month old magazines can be bought at special throw away prices. Before you go looking for books in a book store, try a thrift shop instead.

Pick up accessories: Thrift shops offer you used items. You can pick up leather goods- bags, belts and shoes. You may need to polish them and spruce them up with laces. These things may need repair but will still cost you less than a new item.

Bargains at thrift shops: Sales at thrift shops mean a further slash in prices. Thrift shops rid of stuff that has been lying around for a long time. Keep a watch out for sales that will give you another reason to visit the musty old shop.

photo by: Lance McCord